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                          Jo's Miniatures are highly sought after museum-quality creations. If you want a special order, call Jo at (256) 722-4786 and

                         she will work with you to make sure you get the highly collectable miniature treasure you are looking for!!!

 Newest Room Boxes at the End

311 Mistletoe Lane Detail

311 Mistletoe Lane Detail

Jo and Lady Jane at 311 Unveiling

Vanessa's Dream $9,000 (SOLD)

Dried Leaf Detail Vanessa's Dream

Vanessa's Dream Detail

Vanessa's Dream (SOLD)

Vanessa's Dream Statue

Vanessa's Dream Waterfall

Vanessa's Dream Detail

Presidential Christmas Tree $1400 (SOLD)

Phantom $18,000 (SOLD)

Christine in Phantom

Masquerade Cave in Phantom

Monkey Music Box in Phantom

The Phantom

Raoul in Phantom

Mirror Cave in Phantom

The Stage in Phantom

Geraldine's Garden $1300 (SOLD)

Geraldine's Garden Inside

311 Mistletoe Lane

311 Mistletoe Lane ($11,000)

Anchuca Girl Detail

Anchuca Girl Detail

Anchuca Girl in Framed Box ($1950)

Anchuca Girl --Has Day and Night lighting with seperate switches - Night lighting shown

Savannah Room (Sorry SOLD)

Savannah Room From 45 degree aspect ($1600 without furnishings)

Savannah Room Staged with Furniture

Savannah Room Front View-Staged

Savannah Room From the Rear-Staged

Savannah Room Staged with Furniture

Savannah Room Close up

Savannah Room Detail close up (SOLD)

Savannah Room- Front (SOLD)

Savannah Room - Interior View (SOLD)

Ayako - Available $5800.00 - All proceeds go to the Japan Relief Fund

Versailles - Retired 2011 Chicago Class - only 6 made

Kassandra - One of a Kind $5990.00 - Available

Snow Garden - Aged Copper Finish ($799.00)

Snow Garden Steel Finish ($799.00)

Snow Garden Rust Finish ($799.00)

Bonnie (Anchuca B&B 2010 Class)

Biltmore (Chicago International Class 2013)

Malindy Eileen Private Class 2012

Call for dates and times $1375 (Room and Food provided)

Malindy Eileen

Malindy Eileen (From Inside)

Malindy Eileen (inside view)